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Beachnsea Sep 28, 2017 (07:11 AM)  

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¡Hello everyone!

I'm new here and so far I have found myself a bit of relief by reading some of your comments. We've got a saying in Spain which is could be translated as "two in distress makes sorrow less" but just calling dumbs to those who find relief on that.

Anywaaaaaay, I was diagnosed with GAD and panic attacks one month ago and it's been the worse month of my life so far.

I was wondering if any of you has become obssesed with their breathing till a point where you feel a constat emptiness on your chest and shortness of breath.

I've overcome other symptoms so far, a lot of of them, in fact. And I'm proud that I can let myself go whenever a panic attack is starting (even if it's the worst feeling ever). But I do not seem to find a solution to this problem. My psychiatrist has increased my dossage of Alprazolam (I think for you guys it's called Xanax) to 1.25g a day + 1g of Deanxit. However, I feel very dizzy, numb and I often have a feeling like if I was about to faint. Does anyone get those feelings too? 

I'm just seeking for people who are going or have gone through the same and can give some tips. I have even got to the point where I think that my medication might be causing it. Although my psychiatrist denies it.

Sorry for the long paragraph! And thank you all for reading me!


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