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Ashley - Health Educator Nov 27, 2017 (03:38 PM)  

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I am sorry to hear how you are feeling. All your symptoms could certainly be caused by anxiety but I can see why you are concerned as the variety and severity of symptoms would be confusing. Do you find these symptoms get worse when you are anxious? Have you tried treating the anxiety and does this help with the symptoms? What tests has your doctor done to determine the cause of these symptoms?

It is very common for people with anxiety to have health anxiety where they fear they are having a heart attack or have some overlooked medical condition. This health anxiety would not mean you are going crazy but it would be something you would want to work on through the program here or through counseling. This may be what you are experiencing now and challenging these thoughts would be a big part of feeling better. However, if you do not think your symptoms are related to anxiety or could be something else I think there is no shame in seeking a second or third opinion. Your health is important. If you feel you need more tests to confirm these symptoms are caused by anxiety then that may be what you need to do.
Keep us updated on what you decide to do. 
Ashley, Health Educator

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Bobert1850 Nov 19, 2017 (10:22 PM)  

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I feel like I'm having a heart attack all the time and my Dr told me it's just anxiety and I'll be ok but I feel embarrassed and don't want to sound crazy. I have so may symptoms that I feel like ppl think I'm just making it up. All heart attack symptoms,  numbness in left arm and leg, neausa, shortness of breath, dizzyness, trouble focusing my eyes, chills, and others. And all this 5 out of 7 days for a few months now. I also feel like I can't find a happy medium with things. As in I ether feel like I'm holding my breath or hyper ventilating,  my I'm sbaking with excitement or sleepy. It can change in a second. I'm 26, in shape, 5 years ago had a sudden intolerance to caffeine, no panic until this summer and it's getting to be daily 

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