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Ashley - Health Educator Dec 19, 2017 (03:40 PM)  

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Welcome Takpa,

I am sorry to hear you have been struggling with anxiety since your panic attack. The fear of dying is very common and can be tricky to work on. The program can help with challenging anxious thoughts. So I encourage you to begin working on the program. Questions to challenge negativity would be a great place to start. Also, use the search functionality in the forums to look for discussions related to the fear of dying. The search functionality can be found on the top right corner above the discussion forums. You will find many members working through the same fears you describe. Please share any points of interest that you find.

Take care, 
Ashley, Health Educator

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Takpa Dec 13, 2017 (01:00 PM)  

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I had a panic attack 4 months back. Right after panic attack I felt dizzy and light-headedness. Next morning my face was numb. At that time I was confused whether it is a stroke or something else. It was only after I talk to some friends and a search on Internet that I realised it was a panic attack. After two months of that panic attack, I am having a constant thought of dying or say fear of dying. Now I can't enjoy hanging out with friends, working and going to Office because of that. I want to enjoy a normal life without this unpleasant thought. But I don't know how and what to do. 

Sorry for my bad english.

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