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Ashley - Health Educator Feb 15, 2018 (04:07 PM)  

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Hi Vitesse,

I am sorry to read what you have been dealing with. The thoughts you are thinking certainly sound scary.  I am not sure where you are posting from but I want to assure you it is very unlikely you would ever be forced into a mental institution. Anxiety and depression does not lead to more serious mental health issues like long term psychosis. If you ever were at risk of harming yourself or others then you may be sent to the emergency room; but, to my knowledge in most place they cannot hold people for long periods of time without their consent.  

I think talking to your therapist about these fears would be a great way to challenge them. Your therapist can also reassure you that your fear of being forced into a mental institution is not only improbable but also impossible. Challenging a fear is one of the best ways to eradicate it. 

How are you doing since you posted last?

Ashley, Health Educator

The PC Support Team

Vitesse Feb 06, 2018 (08:01 PM)  

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My issue is that I fear what anxiety means?  This seems to be me feeling anxious about being anxious.  Many years ago I went through anxiety and depression and it left me scarred in a way that anytime I feel anxious or panicky I associate it with me falling into another serious episode of anxiety and depression.  My fears are about the anxiety getting out of control, being forced into a mental institution, losing everything and everyone in my life.

I am seeing a certified therapist for CBT and taking medication.  However, I go through periods of anxiety and it scares me to the point that I associate it with what happened many years ago. I start to self-analyze and monitor the physical sensations in my body, which of course makes it worse.

Not sure if anyone has had this same experience and if so what they have done to successfully deal with this.  

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