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Courage1984 Sep 08, 2017 (10:15 PM)  

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Omg. Wheres my mind lol.

Yes. Good Amet. It is. And by labelling it, you separate from it and able to see it from afar for what it is - anxiety.

Bobootifli Aug 06, 2017 (11:42 PM)  

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Very good point. Sometimes it matters with your Psychiatrist in the matter of your healing.

annerichardson Mar 17, 2017 (12:10 AM)  

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Sasha1357aw Jun 06, 2016 (01:19 PM)  

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I'm personally not a fan of Xanax as that one had the worst withdrawals for me. Currently, I am on Valium but I took Klonapin for a while until I became tolerant. I am hoping that one day, I won't need these benzodiazapines as they are really addictive, but currently I do need them. My psychiatrist is also currently switching me from Lexapro - which I am on the max amount allowed - to Cymbalta for my antidepressant. She also added Lemactel, an anti seizure drug that helps with my anxiety but you have to be careful when getting on it as some people form a lift threatening rash. The other option from an anti siezure drug was an anti psycotic, but that causes an increased rate of having dementia I believe it was and I'm only in my twenties.

Every one is different and that's why I really like my current psyciatrist. Unlike the others I've had, she works hard to understand my anxiety and how my body reacts to the medications rather than just being a professional medication prescriber.

Good luck.

Davit Jan 08, 2016 (12:27 AM)  

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See if this makes sense to you. Anxiety comes out of memory. SSRIs work by blocking the uptake port so signals stay in the gap between synapses longer and have a better chance of hitting a receptor. Lovely picture of how this works on the internet. Okay. All SSRIs work the same way.

Even on the synapses in memory. So if memory remembers one SSRI quit working, it didn't, just memory sent more messages than it could handle. A different one often will because memory doesn't flood the path with thoughts of failure because the new one failing isn't in memory. It might soon if you expect it too or if you have had others fail. This is expectation and the added thoughts are more than the synapses can block efficiently. Serotonin is a decision maker and if it is low, it can't say no. Too much information plus the blocked port and negative thoughts get through where the object of the SSRI plus serotonin was meant to let positive thoughts through and block negatives, Now it lets everything though and the SSRI makes it easier, hence failure. This due to the fact memory isn't giving serotonin in the synapses a clear no for blocking negatives. So it comes back to memory. This is where CBT works, first by changing the negative thoughts in memory, actually by changing pathways so they are not accessible. In effect doing serotonins job. This is cognitive restructuring. It starts by thinking positive as much as you can so that if Serotonin is failing you and the SSRI is allowing more information through it will be the right kind. This will condition memory so the load coming from there is less too. So you can help your SSRI by thinking positive, because it isn't failing, you are. It can only fail if your liver is very efficient in breaking it down. If none are working then the dose might be too low. 
SSRI's help CBT by allowing more information through. CBT helps SSRIs by making sure that information is the right kind. Eventually you only need CBT because there is less demand on serotonin and larger bursts carry the message and there is no need to block the re uptake port. Nice picture of this on the net too. So the key is not to expect your med to do all the work but for you to help it work. You will need less, and have fewer side effects. 
For the new people, I'm taking no SSRI medication any more. Have not for years.


Cardio Tech Jan 07, 2016 (07:59 PM)  

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I started on Zoloft in 2003 and then switched to Cipralex (aka Lexapro) for about 8 years, along with Wellbutrin.  It worked great at the time.  Then I wanted to try going off them, and weaned off both in the summer of 2012.  I did well for about a year but then had to go back on meds.  Went back on Cipralex but it didn't work as well for me as I wanted.  Tried Effexor and Celexa, and am now on Zoloft and Lyrica for my anxiety.  I rarely have to take lorazepam or clonazepam if I get a really bad anxiety attack.

kelleym Jan 05, 2016 (07:09 PM)  

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I'm just wondering, how many of y'all are taking anti depressants or anxiety meds. And which have worked best for your, which have not. I've probably tried at least 10 different anti depressants in my life, currently on lexapro, but it doesn't seem to be working as well as before. I feel I may have to switch to a new one. I also take a Xanax each night for sleep for the last couple years, and my tolerance keeps building with them. I was hooked on them in my twenties, pretty much popped one every time I felt the least bit anxious. When I finally decided to come off of them, it wasn't pretty. Worse withdrawals ever. I was very hesitant to start them again a couple years ago when I was going through divorce. But I have a phobia of meds, and will only take what I know won't give me more anxiety. I would love to be able to wean off the Xanax, and go back to sleeping without meds. Any similar experiences?

Kelley m

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