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Amet Sep 05, 2017 (09:18 AM)  

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I was wondering what strategies you have used to stop focusing on the breathing? I am so frustrated I just want this to be done. On Friday I actually was so distracted that I didn't think about it for a few hours but then it came back and I just miss that relief of not worrying about it. I just don't know how to get my mind to stop and Its like the more you tell yourself stop doing it your body just wants to do it more.

Amet Aug 30, 2017 (10:00 AM)  

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Yes I have. I have been seeing someone who sort of helped so I am starting to see someone else this week. She doesn't do CBT though and does more talk therapy though so I'm hoping it helps. I'm sure I can talk to her about these exercises though.

Bobootifli Aug 29, 2017 (10:46 PM)  

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Have you tried to consult an expert? I believe there is much therapy needed in your case.

Amet Aug 28, 2017 (07:32 PM)  

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Thanks so much. This did help alot. Honestly for me it's very similar. I just constantly find myself worrying about my breathing and thinking omg it's going to just stop on its own or thinking it isn't deep enough. Then I hyperventilate which leads to a panic attack eventually. Some days I don't hyperventilate and it's just the constant catching myself thinking and trying to control my breathing. I will try the exposure to forcing myself to hyperventilate and hope that helps. 

Do you find yourself constantly thinking of it? I'm so afraid I'll be doing this for years and years if not forever! I hope not. 

catbag Aug 28, 2017 (04:15 PM)  

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Hello Amet.

I believe you read my post on another thread, so you know we both have this same issue. You already recognize your trouble breathing is a symptom of fear or anxiety and not a medical problem (unless you've yet to talk to a doctor), the evidence being that you are posting on a site such as this, so you are already ahead of the game on this one. I should ask, what specific thoughts do you have when you are focusing on your breathing? For me, I feel that once my mind starts to notice that I am breathing, that there's nothing I can do to take my mind off of it. Another fearful thought of mine is that since I am now too heavily focused on my breathing, that it will throw my natural breathing rhythm off no matter what I do and I will start hyperventilating and panic. A good thing to remember is that you don't always have to have a panic attack when you notice symptoms of anxiety; though it may be hard not to, you experience symptoms like shortness of breath, muscle spasms and sweating when you aren't anxious, such as when you are exercising. You have to remember it is mostly in your head; it is your reaction to the physical symptoms you start to feel that make you panic. You are not in danger when you are hyperventilating or even when you are just simply focused on how you are breathing. I have not yet started my exposure training but I plan on trying to force myself to start hyperventilating every day for a little while to get my body used to how it feels. I know that I won't die or pass out as a result of doing this, my evidence being that I will be totally fine after I do this a few times. Another thing I will try is just to hold my breath for as long as I can before I start to feel uncomfortable, something which I did to cope with anxiety the first time. I hope this helped and let us know how you're doing later on.

Amet Aug 28, 2017 (10:24 AM)  

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Hello everyone, I am on session 4 and I am having some trouble on what to do for my exposure plan. My biggest anxiety comes from me focusing too much on my breathing and worrying that I will stop breathing. I am not sure what steps to take to expose myself more and to get over this? I was hoping someone can give me some advice. I constantly fear that something may be wrong medically and worry that I am not getting enough air for example.

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