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Beachnsea Oct 03, 2017 (09:22 AM)  

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Hey there!

I've had that feeling even when "resting" (as if people with GAD rested at all :P)
I think it might be close to what derealization feels like. I've got it chronic since my panic attacks started and I sometimes feel like my surroundings are unreal too, as if I was living in a dream.

But again, it's all due to anxiety. And I've realised that the more you pay attention to it, the longer it stays with you.

Stay strong! :)

Courage1984 Aug 26, 2017 (03:25 PM)  

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Hey guys.

This is open to all but does anyone feel like their environment appears flat or dimensionless during or preceding a panic? Though I turn left, right, up or down - it feels like im not turning. I cant even verbalize the feeling really. It's like my brain has no center of compass.

Meh. (<--My new favourite word when anxiety wants to escalate. It's equivalent to yawning when a guy(or girl) across the room is noticing you. Kills their momentum instantly lol)

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