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Courage1984 Aug 09, 2017 (09:14 PM)  

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Courage1984 Aug 09, 2017 (09:13 PM)  

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Hey. I know how you feel. Have exactly the same. Panic attacks, agophobia, feeling detached. Everyday I would wake up in a panic. My sleep is severely impaired (keep waking up panicking). But trust me youll get better. Ive said this in other posts but ive had them, then they disappear completely for decades until my next major meltdown. For me last year it triggered again after this woman at work was bullying me and forced me to quit. It was months of enormous stress and being subjected to her verbal abuse and then one day I had a major panic attack and then my life changes in the most restrictive way. But it will get better. What goes up must come down and anxiety is no different. Just like you I do not take medication and never will. 

winter-blues Jan 05, 2016 (09:15 AM)  

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Hey tonino, I hope things are getting better for you. I've been battling with with Panic Disorder (on and off for almost 20 years) and I will tell you this. It will get better. There are bright days ahead. It takes time, and you have to learn to manage it somehow. This is the trick. Learning to managing you own anxieties is tough, but with practice it works. Stick with therapy as well, although if you don't like your psychiatrist and feel they are not listening to you, then I recommend finding another. Finding a good psychiatrist is a lot like dating, you will find that not all them are the right person for you.

Good luck and let us know how you are doing.

danjaskyl Sep 30, 2015 (07:37 PM)  

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I would love an update on how you are ding now...you sound really positive

tonino May 10, 2014 (06:35 PM)  

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Hi Everyone 
My name is Tonino and I Appreciate..Everyone Of You....And Know..that this Dreaded Disorder Hopefully can be Beaten by Each One Of Us.At this Stage of My life...I would Give anything to be Better....and Live a Normal Life..I Have the Whole Package Right now...( GAD, Panick Attacks,Agoraphobia)and Who Knows what else.....I never never Thought I would be Here..but I AM.Every Day is a Struggle...Even going from room to room..But Today I really Tried and went Outside,and did some Yard work, and fought and fought this  Disorder..I went to Hell but I said to myself ,Just stick it Out. It can't get any worse that it Is.I Spent about 1 hour Outside.I'm Inside Now..Foggy, Tired, detached....But I'm Thankful That I tried.What's the alternative.:) Hopefully tomorrow I can Do the same..And eventually Get Better.I was so Active, Before this Thing Came..which I didn't even know what it was...Cause the Doctors Just gave me Pills and more pills..which none of them worked on me,Just made Me Worse.I Believe that EXPOSURE is the Only One THAT WILL WORK...In time I'll tell You if its Working....The Pills are Not the answer..I tried them All.What a shame the Psychologist..Just game Pills and see him in a month, 2nd 3rd 4th and nothing...the Benzos are the worse..I Probably made a mistake,I just Stopped them without Weaning off.It's been a month now.It's Bad,even words can't describe the Hell I'm Living..But Hopefully Soon It will be Better...Even a little would be appreciated.I don't want to Tell You all the Bad that the mind is going through....I Have HOPE and Pray that We All will get Better.We have no Other Choice..We need support from Everyone Around Us...Even if some Family Menbers don't know or Understand what this Disorder IS.

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