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agua Feb 16, 2017 (07:30 PM)  

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Most of the time when I told my mother that I´ll do something, she are always telling me that I´m taking bad decisions. I´m explain her my reasons, for she try to understand me, but she never agree with me. She always answer in the oposite direction of my decisions.

This is apllied to important desicions like choosing a house to live, a car that I need to buy, or simple things like the way that I dress. Even it she don´t like.
At the end of conversation, when she sees that can not change my actions or influence my thoughts, she finish saying that I can do what I want, but probably it will not finished good ...
I imagine what this kind of influence could have in my personality since I born, I believe that is a major reason why I had panic attacks and life in a cloud of insecurity for so many years.
I´m a lonely person with few people around, I will have to have strengh to stop start a conversations with my mother. I´m so sad with that, but she is a bad influence for me.
For example recently I told her I´m in a new relationship, and she feed-back to me that in short time my partner will change me for another girl and leave me alone. This is the kind of feed-backs I receive from my mother...
I tryed to search about my mother personality and I think this is emotional abusive parent´s.

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