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Beachnsea Oct 04, 2017 (03:57 AM)  

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I also suffer from DP/DR along with my GAD and panic attacks. In my case, I see the world as if I was wearing someone else's glasses. It feels like if there was a fog in between my eyes and the world. My friends and family often seem like strangers to me, but even though I have still fallen in love and hug my family every time I see them.

If you need any more info about it, just feel free to ask. It's "super normal" when you have a high level of anxiety apparently. I freaked out the first time I felt this way one month ago, but the more you get used to it, the less symptoms you get :)

Lamiabellona Oct 04, 2017 (01:35 AM)  

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Hello. I too have the same thing. I feel that I'm not myself and that I'm going to leave my body. These are some of the worst types of panic attacks as I've noticed that I have different tiers of panic attacks. My body also trembles and my body temperature fluctuates from hot to cold. 

Courage1984 Jul 12, 2017 (01:47 AM)  

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Hey! I have the same thing.  I find this to be the most distressing. I was wondering what else do you experience symptom wise? For me time is distorted and I feel confused. Like I have to remind myself that I am at home or at work and it's located at x and y and it's this day of the week and I am this far from lake ontario. Otherwise it triggers a panic attack. Açtually having one now. So frustrating and I feel like im honestly losing my mind to this endless trap/cycle  sigh.

DJ34 Sep 27, 2016 (01:21 AM)  

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Thanks for your reply.

 I'm not sure what triggered it, as it came out of the blue. As for the derealization, I think it may be as a result of stress, and worry about the recurrence. I've learned from this setback that, when left unchecked, anxiety can overwhelm your life. I never addressed my anxiety in any meaningful way, other than medication. This recurrence has taught me the value of being ontop of my mental wellness.

I have recently started CBT which I find  to be incredibly helpful. I am also working my way through your program. 

Thanks again.

Ashley - Health Educator Sep 26, 2016 (03:26 PM)  

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Hi DJ34,

Welcome. I am sorry to hear about your recurrence but I want to assure you that recurrences are a part of the healing process. They are common and we always learn from them. What do you think you have learned from this set back? What do you think triggered it?

My suggestion is to work on this program. It is based on Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) and it will help to systematically change your thoughts which in turn will change how you feel. Have you tried CBT before? If so, what was you experience?
Ashley, Health Educator

The PC Support Team

DJ34 Sep 24, 2016 (10:11 PM)  

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Hi everyone,

I am a long time panic disorder sufferer. I've been on Paxil for 15 years. Recently, I had a recurrence and have been experiencing derealization feelings since that time, which hasn't abated with an increased dose in my medication. I recently started CBT. Any advice or suggestions?


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