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Ashley - Health Educator Feb 06, 2017 (01:38 PM)  

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Welcome to the group.

I am sorry to read your ongoing concerns with anxiety. It is great to hear that you have had some periods when the anxiety has lessoned. What do you think contributes to this? Have you noticed any patterns?

Ashley, Health Educator

The PC Support Team

Anne79 Jan 29, 2017 (07:18 AM)  

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Hi everyone.  I've just joined the program in order to help me try to beat panic for good.  I've been having panic attacks for about 15 years on and off - I go through bouts of anxiety for a few months or years, then get better, then have another dip - but my anxiety never really goes away.   Over the past few months, I have started to panic in meetings at work, and when driving on the motorway - both through a fear of being trapped and not being able to escape. I've only 'escaped' the situation once during these attacks, but I'm left feeling exhausted and very low - like all of the joy has been taken out of life. I also hate flying, and public speaking. Watching the news makes also me very depressed and even more anxious.  I'm hoping that I can retrain my brain to allow myself to remain calm in all of these situations and focus on the positives so that I don't get knocked around so much by daily life.  Reading all of your stories has already been a big help - it's comforting to know I'm not that unusual.

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