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joshb063 May 13, 2017 (12:38 AM)  

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You might want to see if you can escape the abuse you are currently facing. If you can, that might greatly reduce the anxiety and/or panic you are going though now. No one deserves to be abused in any way, shape, or form. So seek help from a hotline or contact the police if it comes down to it. It may be hard, but it will be worth it. Seeking a help of a therapist may also be the best thing to do as well. 

Side Note: based on your username (dhrama), did you ever watch the show LOST?
I'll check this post frequently to help you if you need someone. 

Ashley - Health Educator May 12, 2017 (03:14 PM)  

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Hi Dharma,

Verbal and emotional abuse will cause anyone to experience extreme anxiety. Anxiety is a healthy and normal response to abuse. Especially because you have past experiences with trauma (physical abuse) the emotional abuse may be extremely triggering for you. You can learn to manage your anxious feelings but getting away from the verbal abuse may be an important step to feeling better. 

 Are you able to get away from this abuse? Is it happening in the workplace or at home? Either way, talking to a therapist would be the perfect place to get tools to support yourself. You may also want to check out crisis lines or abuse hotlines in your area. There may also be free counseling in your area for those who have experienced abuse. If you do a quick google search you should be able to find one. Be sure not to go through this alone,

Ashley, Health Educator

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Starla W May 09, 2017 (03:00 PM)  

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The body will respond to physical, emotional and verbal abuse with the same symptoms as those who experience trauma. I learned this while reading the book, "Why Does He Do That?" It really helped me figure out that my anxiety and depression levels have soared because of the verbal and emotional abuse I have endured. There is a follow up book called, "Should I Stay or Should I Go?" that I am working through now as well. It helps me see where a lot of my behaviours and reactions come from, including the anxiety.

dharma May 09, 2017 (04:31 AM)  

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I have experienced both anxiety and panic attacks which come on for no apparent reason. This is different.

I do not fear others judging or humiliating me so my mandatory responses probably didn't help much. Is this PTSD instead. I don't want therapy - I want tools to cope.

If I don't sleep or eat soon I will be in serious trouble.

Please help. 

Thank you.

dharma May 09, 2017 (04:24 AM)  

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This is the second night I haven't slept so I will just post this one question and return later to check for a response.

I am in a constant state of panic. I have had some physical abuse in the past, but now I am experiencing verbal or emotional abuse on a regular basis whether at home or out in the world. I feel trapped. I cannot fight or take flight so I am just trying to hide.

This fear is not about me - it is about the anger, aggression, and abuse I come across in everyday life. 

Please, would a professional reply and tell me if I am in the right group? Thank you.

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