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Frustrated1 Jan 09, 2017 (03:44 PM)  

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I'm really sorry you feel horrible, but trust that you are not alone in this one. I am exactly like you. I've had anxiety and panic attacks on and off for a few years now, but since the past 5 months, it has been non-stop! Like you, I've developed new symptoms, and was started on Celexa 10mg 3 days ago. TBH, the Celaxa has made me feel worse than before, as though the anxiety is on high! I wonder, too, whether it really is anxiety, or something else, but all the blood tests and medical examinations that I've done have shown nothing out of the ordinary. This anxiety is ruining my life!

Shannyb520 Jan 02, 2017 (10:05 AM)  

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So I've been suffering with panic attacks for a few years but over the past 8-9 months I've developed new symptoms of anxiety that I never had before. I get the usually Short of breath racing heart dizziness  but lately my anxiety doesn't turn off. I have constant hot flashes sweaty palms and then have panick attacks in between with the old symptoms. My primary care started me on Celexa 20mg three weeks ago and refer s me to psych. My question is has anyone felt the constant hot flashes and sweaty palms. I'm talking first thing in the morning as soon as I wake up. I can't get out of my head and fear I have some sort of illness I've had multiple blood test over the pat few months and ER visits every doctor claims everything is normal but I feel out of body for most of the day. Very rarely to I have any relief! Is this really GAD like I'm being told? I'm turning into a hypochondriac and it's ruining my relationship with my fiancé.

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