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Ashley - Health Educator Nov 06, 2017 (03:28 PM)  

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Welcome Lyndsay!
I am sorry to read you are feeling low lately.  My suggestion would be to work on the program. The program will help you to change your thought patterns which will in turn change how you feel. The section on relaxation techniques also would be a good session to start with. Have you had a chance to work on the program? Any questions so far?
Ashley, Health Educator

The PC Support Team

Lyndsay Nov 02, 2017 (02:56 PM)  

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Hello to you all. I am new to this forum. I'm feeling quite low and really anxious lately. Had a really bad panic attack lastnight and I'm trying not to have one now. I'm just wondering how you all prevent an attack from coming on when you're having really negative and anxious thoughts and feelings? Would really appreciate any tips for this.

Thank you.

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