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Ashley - Health Educator Oct 02, 2017 (02:32 PM)  

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Great to hear from your Red!!

Self care, breathing and mindfulness are all so essential to our well-being. Thank you for sharing what works for you!

Ashley, Health Educator

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Red1 Sep 28, 2017 (06:01 PM)  

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These are two of the things I do to relax and reduce anxiety.  First is, "Breathing" as learned in the program here and "Mindfulness" which I learned else where. But most important by far for me has been "Self Care", then everything else just falls into place and I can relax a little and let myself breath again. Which is so important for me when dealing with my emotional health and the health issues that I face on a daily basis. They are both connected really. Treating the Whole person is so important for my health and sanity.

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