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Bobootifli Jul 31, 2017 (04:00 AM)  

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What's the result after a few session?

MeganIsBack Nov 03, 2015 (02:18 PM)  

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I started yoga nidra in the spring but never stuck to it. I should do it again.

Ashley - Health Educator Oct 11, 2014 (04:31 PM)  

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Thanks for sharing agua!

Ashley, Health Educator

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agua Oct 10, 2014 (08:04 PM)  

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Just would like to share with you that I read someone feed-back on a bodybuilding forum that having problems sleeping and was using Yoga Nidra before sleep and worked. I get curious and see that is very similar to relaxation tecnique that this program, but more easy beacause is guided. I tryed for the last 2 nights and had a very good night sleep. Just glad to share :)

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