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hugs4U Oct 21, 2017 (09:06 PM)  

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My obsessiveness was rewarded by working as an auditor, since checking was necessary, and my attention to detail was valued. Rumination was valuable since it re-enforced my memory too. What was hard, was the social skills component, since I've always been thin-skinned.


Ashley - Health Educator Aug 21, 2017 (03:11 PM)  

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I agree with Courage.

Some careers might be anxiety provoking at first but with exposure they become less difficult. Find a career that you think suits your talents and will give you fulfilliment. If you are looking for career suggestions for your personality type I recommend looking into the Myers Briggs Personality test. There are lots of free Myers Briggs tests online that will give you some suggestions. 

Let us know what you find out.

Ashley, Health Educator

The PC Support Team

Courage1984 Aug 15, 2017 (11:29 AM)  

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Dont accommodate anxiety and dont make decisions based on fear.  

josh2011 Aug 15, 2017 (04:43 AM)  

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 I have suffered from Anxiety for 7 years now, I look back at my diary on here from a couple years ago and I see how far I have came. I was so crippled with Anxiety I couldn't leave my house, go to a store, a movie theater, fishing, or anything. Now I am able to enjoy those things, I am wanting to find a career that's suitable for a person with an anxiety disorder? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm tired of living in Fear of what if, I want to have a future without Fear & Anxiety holding me back. Once again, Thanks. 


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