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Ashley - Health Educator Feb 14, 2018 (08:13 PM)  

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Welcome Skyeray,

I must say, it sounds like you are already doing amazing! With your proactive attitude I am sure you will find relief with CBT. A lot of CBT is changing the way we think and behave, and this will eventually change how we feel. So, it makes sense that you talking yourself down would have an impact on how you feel. With more CBT and more practice you should notice better and better results.

It is very normal to feel exhausted after a panic attack or bout of anxiety. When we are anxious our body and mind go into overdrive and this can be exhausting. The program will teach you more about the fight or flight response and what is going on when we are anxious or have a panic attack. So, be sure to stick with it in order to get a deeper understanding of what's going on when you have a panic attack or feel anxious. 

How are you feeling today? Are you noticing any small changes in how you feel?

Ashley, Health Educator

The PC Support Team

Skyeray Feb 02, 2018 (01:05 PM)  

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Hi all, I'm new to this so please bear with me, I've recently been diagnosed as suffering with panic attacks and health anxiety by my gp although haven't seen a mental health professional as yet as waiting for a referral. it's only been going on a number of weeks maybe 3-4, but it has overtaken my life and things are upside down at the moment, it started with me attending my gp as I was convinced I had issues with my gut he initially thought of maybe ibs, so while I was waiting for results to rule out other things I changed up my diet to ensure I was eating healthy, trying to limit what may fire an 'ibs' attack....but my gut issues started to subside on there own and I was able to return to some normality, food wise at least! I'd lost around 30lbs in weight, was needing to lose it anyway! But I started to suffer these other attacks, sweats/palps/fear etc sometimes they would grip me so tight the feeling in chest was like it was being strangled and I'd get a churning stomach, intense fear etc I have, whilst waiting for my referral for cbt been reading up online (which is what took me to this site) anything I can that may help, especially anything relating to cbt as this seems to be what most folk have had some good fortune with in the past, I've been trying to face these attacks when they happen telling myself these symptoms are normal and uncomfortable but certainly not dangerous and whilst this is not always easy in the midst of an attack I feel I have sometimes gotten through to 'myself?' If that's possible ?? And  some of the, physical sometimes have abetted a bit, I still get a sense of fear, tight chest,  churning stomach.......especially afterward?? Anyone else get this?? I usually get 1-2 a day at the moment and they can range from 10-60 minutes, usually feel pretty drained afterward, like mentally exhausted?

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