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Bobootifli Jul 31, 2017 (03:19 AM)  

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How long you've been diagnosed with Anxiety?

Ashley - Health Educator May 24, 2017 (04:02 PM)  

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Hi Bayleealaynaraven,

Numbness is a common symptom of anxiety. If you notice the numbness comes when you are highly anxious and then goes away when the anxiety is gone (can take about 20 minutes of calming down) then it may be due to anxiety. Numbness can be caused by a lot of other things as well: injury, staying in the same position, vitamin deficiency, etc. Numbness can also be a symptom of other more serious health concerns. If you had this for a few days I think it is important to talk to your primary care doctor. Your doctor may want to do blood tests or have you examined by a neurologist. If your symptoms get any worse or you develop other symptoms like weakness, trouble walking, trouble seeing or dizziness please go to the hospital asap.

It has been quite a few days since you posted last. How are you doing?

Ashley, Health Educator

The PC Support Team

Bayleealaynaraven May 15, 2017 (10:22 PM)  

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There have been quite a few days where my left calf has been painful and or numb. is this a common anxiety symptom that anyone else may have had? I always think that its a blood clot of some sort but I have been checked for one many of times and never had one. it sometimes goes to the left arm and left side of my head as well. any advice would be great

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